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Shine is for children from pre-school to year 12 and operates on Saturdays from 1-3pm in 2nd Ballyeaston Presbyterian Church. It runs from January to Easter.  Registration is £30 per child.  The money raised allows us to buy equipment, props and costumes for the group and to contribute to the church funds as wellShine drama group is about three main aspects: fun, fellowship and drama.


Shine is about having fun. It is important to us that all our members enjoy themselves and are happy to be a part of the group. We play drama games, dance, improvise scenes and act out plays, all of which are enjoyable for the children. We want our members to be
 excited about coming to Shine and to leave at 3pm with a smile on their faces!

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Shine is about fellowship. Many good friendships have been made at Shine as our members must work together to achieve something special. It is great to see old friends coming together on a Saturday afternoon, but it is even better to see new friends leave! All our activities are aimed at getting our members to work together in groups so that they begin to understand that team work is the key to excellent results. When they are on stage our
     members know that they are performing together as Shine and they have the support of the whole group behind them. Having friends like this will hopefully help to raise the childrens self-esteem.


Shine is about drama. We believe that every child should be given the opportunity to be on stage and we encourage our members to say at least one line. This is a huge step for some children, especially our youngest members but it also gives them an enormous feeling of pride afterwards. This type of activity really helps to increase a child
s self-confidence. Every child will shine brightly on stage!
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