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In 2000 Second Ballyeaston began to implement a phased long term plan to enhance the facilities it was providing to the congregation and the local community. 


The Millennium Project involved improvements to the grounds surrounding the buildings.  The creation of the Millennium Courtyard between the Church and the Halls, the provision of a Millennium Fountain which holds the names of members of the congregation who died at a young age, shortening of two pews to allow wheelchair places, improved lighting around the car park, the removal of the stepped entrances into the church and halls and the placing of stones with engraved bible verses placed around the Church grounds.

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The next phase of the Development Plan took place in 2008 with the renovations within the Sanctuary.  The organ and choir were moved sideways allowing for the centrality of the Communion Table, Font and Lectern within a multi-functional space better suited to weddings, funerals and the varied aspects of modern worship.  Multiple levels levels on the ground floor were reduced to two, ramps were installed to allow wheelchair access to the front of the Church and the steps into the pews have been removed to allow easier access.  The Induction Loop System for the hearing impaired was also upgraded to ensure that those with hearing difficulties could enjoy the services.  During this work the Audio Visual System was upgraded for the benefit of everybody.  This involved the installation of five television screens for displaying the Hymn and Scripture Reading words as well as images and videos for use at different parts of the service.  The improved audio system has improved the sound quality making it easier for everyone to listen to the service.


Recently the third phase in the plan was completed, the renovation of the Church Halls.  These renovations involved the creation of a new toilet area, improved heating and lighting, improved access with the removal of all steps of the ground floor.  The kitchen was relocated to an outside wall.  An Audio Visual link between the Church and the Halls allowing the service to be broadcast to the Halls was upgraded.  The reason for these renovations was to help ensure that our buildings were both welcoming and suitable for everyone no matter of their age or physical ability.


The next part of this Development Plan is hoped to be the building of a link building between the Church and the Halls.  This link building would provide a welcome area and additional facilities for the organisations.  It is hoped that the work for this part of the development plan will commence within the next 5 years provided that the required funding is available. 

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